Employment Contract Negotiation and Review: Most employment contract negotiations can be done for a reasonable flat-fee, typically 2% of the first year compensation, with a minimum of $1,800.  For more information about contract negotiation and review, please call 818-439-0283 or email me Kristin@TVattorney.tv

Legal Representation:  Services for hosting, television and film production and/or development, and all other entertainment-related services can be provided on a flat-fee or hourly rate, depending on the scope and complexity of the representation.  For more information, please call 818-439-0283, or email Kristin@TVattorney.tv

Consultation Services: Consultation services allow you to have an experienced, supportive expert available to you on an as-needed basis. Consultation services include counsel of workplace issues, crisis management, conflict resolution, business and career management, review and feedback of work materials, strategic planning, and all other related matters. Consultations are done via phone or online at a rate of $45/15 minutes, and can be time blocked for the desired length of time.   Clients interested in media training/coaching are referred to Suzanne Sena  http://www.senaseries.com/index.html

For easy, online scheduling of consultation appointments, please go to https://kristinirwinesq.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.php

Kristin Irwin is licensed to practice law in the State of California.  If you need state-specific legal advice, please contact an attorney licensed in that state.