Client Notes


For more than eight years, I have had the privilege of working closely with Kristin Irwin while she negotiated my television hosting contracts for everything from cable to primetime and syndicated network shows. She has an extensive knowledge of even the minutia of entertainment contracts and knows how to be sure her clients are well-spoken for and protected, as well as get the best contract possible. I am always confident when my contract is in Kristin’s hands. Her cool-headed demeanor during what can be high-pressure situations is incredibly comforting. Whenever I have a question regarding a legal matter with regards to my current shows, I know that Kristin will always respond to me quickly and with accuracy. I couldn’t be happier working so closely with any other attorney.

-Samantha Harris – co-host “Dancing With The Stars” (ABC), correspondent/fill-in anchor “Entertainment Tonight”

Once upon a time, in 2003 I think, a young attorney named Kristin Irwin helped me achieve the impossible. I was working at the time for a CBS affiliate in San Francisco, hosting a program called Evening Magazine. While there, I developed and produced a segment called Somebody's Gotta Do It, which featured yours truly working as an apprentice on a variety of distasteful jobs. The segment was very popular with dozens of viewers, but caused persistent concern with management, due to the fact that we aired at the dinner hour, and my arm was often seen shoulder-deep in the back end of some unfortunate farm animal. I became convinced that the larger themes in this little segment would resonate on a national level, and decided to shop the concept around under another title. I believed there was a series here - possibly a franchise - just waiting to be made. The challenge therefor, became multi-faceted. I had to not only get out of my current contract with KPIX, I had to get CBS to forego their claim to the concept of Somebody's Gotta Do It. I had to do it quickly. And most disturbingly, I had to do it legally. I'll spare you the details, but after countless phone calls and careful strategizing, Kristin and I implemented a complicated plan that played out precisely as hoped. Against long odds, I was released from my obligation to CBS, and allowed to pitch my concept to any network foolish enough to meet with me. A year later, "Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe" was the most profitable show on The Discovery Channel. Thanks, Kristin.

-Mike Rowe - "Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe", Discovery Channel

Kristin Irwin has been negotiating my broadcasting contracts for more than a decade. She has worked with me to secure terrific deals with Fox Sports Net, Monday Night Football/ABC and my current position as the Chief Investigative Correspondent with CBS Television Distribution's “Inside Edition”. In addition, through the years she has negotiated many endorsement and personal appearance opportunities including Coors Light and Adidas. I wouldn't consider working with anyone but Kristin for my next contract negotiation!

-Lisa Guerrero – Chief Investigative Correspondent “Inside Edition”

I would like to recommend Kristin Irwin to anyone and everyone hoping to move forward to new levels of success. In every broadcaster's career, it's easy in hindsight to recognize mistakes, the moves I should or shouldn't have made, the terms of a contract I wish I had or hadn't signed, etc. It adds up over the years. Which is why you need Kristin: so you can avoid those mistakes. Kristin has provided both legal and career consulting that have been invaluable to help me see the bigger picture. She has masterfully handled the legal issues that come with signing employment contracts with companies that have several floors of lawyers trying to figure out how to get more out of you for as little as possible in return. Kristin levels the legal playing field. Plus, she's smart, funny, positive, and treats your career goals like they're her own. I have recommended Kristin to several of my colleagues and all report the same experience. Kristin is the definition of "money well spent." I'm just sorry I didn't meet her 25 years ago!

-Ernie Brown - Radio Broadcaster

I firmly believe God puts special people in our lives when we need them.  I clearly needed you - along with your knowledge, your determination and your expertise.  I'm beyond grateful for your work on my behalf.  Your guidance and negotiating turned a stressful and scary situation into a positive and exciting new beginning.  On your totem pole of clients, I'm clearly at the bottom when it comes to profile and payment..but I'm at the top when it comes to satisfaction and gratefulness.

-B. Jacobsen - Broadcast Journalist

Kristin, I have done many of these type of contracts over the years and I just have to tell you this was the most pleasant experience ever. You are such an unlawyerly lawyer (I mean that as a compliment because you’re so down to Earth). Thank you so much for all your work and patience.

-D.D - Anchor, Los Angeles

I've worked with Kristin for more than a decade and every time she has negotiated a contract - she has been fabulous! She is an expert in her field and knows how to fight for her clients.

-Mary Nguyen - Broadcast Journalist

Working wth Kristin is a pleasure! She is a formidable negotiator who always leaves the opposition with a sense of dignity. Her positive energy is inspiring, and her depth of knowledge and ability to bring a sense of creativity to even the toughest contracts raises the bar for those with whom she works. Kristin is a true powerhouse who has justly earned the title "The Velvet Hammer." (LinkedIn recommendation)

-Sidney Clifton - EVP, Starz Media

Kristin Irwin is a rare gem. She's the only attorney I've found who truly knows the TV news business, the people, the salaries and the industry trends. She's uniquely qualified to review and negotiate contracts. Kristin is a savvy negotiator who knows how to get what's best for her clients. She is nice, but she's not a push-over. She has a very straightforward, no-nonsense approach to everything. And she's very detail-oriented. She notices things that nobody else would. She also has a keen eye for what "sells". She can look at a resume tape, for example, and give you simple ideas on how to make it better. In other words, she can help you stand out from the crowd. If you're in TV news, you need a smart and trustworthy attorney on your side. I cannot recommend Kristin enough!

-Anne State – News Anchor

I cannot thank you enough for your help and legal guidance during my recent employee contract negotiations. This deal was significantly different than any I have previously negotiated but with your advice, suggestions and business affairs acumen, I feel confident I made a solid -- and hopefully, ultimately, lucrative! -- deal. Thanks again for taking the time to work with me; I look forward to continuing and expanding our business relationship in my new position.

-Kristin Peace - SVP, Creative Affairs-Trifecta Entertainment

“A friend of mine introduced me to Kristin just in time for my contract negotiation. She brought up issues I hadn't even considered and certainly helped me get a better deal than I would have without her. And best of all, she was a pro throughout and was sure to keep things moving along quickly and efficiently.”

-John Klemack – Reporter KNBC

“What a find! I want to thank you for your referral to Kristin Irwin. Kristin just did a fabulous job on my contract with The Wolper Organization. She walked me through every step and was a brilliant negotiator. One of the testimonials on her website describes her as a 'Velvet Hammer', which indeed proved true! Thank you again."

-Carole Lieberman, M.D. – Author and Media Psychiatrist

“Kristin was a pleasure to work with. Kristin has extensive knowledge of news contracts and television practices. I valued her advice enormously.”

-Tony Coghlan – West Coast Bureau Chief, “Inside Edition”

“Kristin turned a nearly impossible scenario into a possible one. She worked with a difficult adversary and prevailed. I would recommend Kristin to anyone needing tough, experienced, entertainment counsel.”

-Canaan Rubin - Executive Producer

“Having worked on countless occasions at the opposite end of the table from Kristin in the tough and highly competititve business of on-air network news talent contract negotiations, she is undoubtedly a highly skilled and thorough advocate for every one of her clients. Her amazing charm, wit and upbeat personality give her a distinct advantage when it comes to closing the deal in this dynamic and ever-changing industry.”

-Hal Leibowitz - Director of Business Affairs, CBS News

“Kristin is always on the money, and on the mark. Deeply committed to her clients, she is a pleasure to work with and gets results.”

-Jerry Penacoli , On-air personality “Extra”

“Kristin Irwin helped negotiate four major anchoring contracts for me during my television news career. In each instance she was able to get me significantly more than I expected. Kristin patiently explained everything to me during each step of the process. She was always accessible to answer my questions and address my concerns. Her always personable demeanor inspires confidence and trust. Kristin has my highest recommendation.”

-Kent Ninomiya – Broadcaster and author

Thank you for all of your help and support. I will never forget your kindness and great humanity.

-Angela Rae - News Anchor WFOR-TV/WCBS-TV

I can't thank you enough for every deal, every phone call, every situation you handle with grace! I'm so fortunate to work with you!...You have been such an enormous help with my career!

-Lisa Dergan-Podsednik - co-host "Master of Champions" (ABC)

Thanks for your diligent representation, shrewd negotiating, and most of all, endless patience. You're the best!

-Jessica York - HGTV, GSN

Kristin is professional and meticulous, but a reasonable and fair adversary. She is always a pleasure to deal with.

-Valerie Rusk - Senior Counsel, Turner Broadcasting

I have been meaning to thank you for a long time. I can't tell you how wonderful you were during my contract negotiations; you're very, very good.

-Susan Peters - News Anchor KAKE

My name is Chris Salcedo with America’s Radio News Network. I wanted to say a few words about Kristin Irwin. She and I go way back. About 1999, I got my first job in television, and I signed the deal myself - did it myself. Not two weeks later, Kristin calls up – she had found my face on the website and wanted to know if I had representation. I said “Kristin, I just signed a four-year deal.” She said “Oh, that’s ok. I want to invest in your prospects for the future.” So I said “Absolutely.” She hung with me for four years and was instrumental in getting me out from behind the weather desk, and on to the anchor desk in Dallas Ft. Worth, the 5th largest market in the country, which propelled me to where I am now, at America’s News Network, nationally syndicated radio. And I have to tell you – it goes far beyond just dotting the “i’s” and crossing the “t’s”. Kristin has meant more to me and my family over these years, because she protects our interests. And I say “our interests” in the true meaning of the word. She not only understands about the dollars and cents, but she wants to ensure that we have a good quality of life. She is also a family person and she recognizes that family time is important for me, my wife and my 3 daughters. So in the future, there will only be negotiating on my behalf on contracts and making sure that my best interests are looked after, and that person is Kristin Irwin. I cannot recommend her enough.

-Chris Salcedo – News and Radio Anchor “America’s Radio News Network”

For your unwavering support, your friendship, your commitment and your great sense of humor...Thank you from the bottom of my heart

-Lu Hanessian - host "Make Room for Baby"