Attorney for News and Entertainment


The Law Office of Kristin Irwin provides career consultation and legal representation to entertainers, producers and executives in television, radio, film and digital media as follows:

Negotiate, draft and/or review a wide variety of agreements, including production, employment, rights/licensing, development, distribution, corporate formation, investment, settlements, releases, and corporate affiliations in the areas of digital, radio, syndicated/network/cable/paid programming, film and literary

Represent production companies, talent, producers, and executives in numerous matters, including content/production/development issues, conflict resolution, SAG/AFTRA regulations, intellectual property rights, and separation of employment

Consult with clients on demo reels, resumes, job search strategies, employment issues, and career development

The Law Office of Kristin Irwin is retained as Chief Corporate Counsel by Ken Lindner & Associates, one of the most successful broadcast representation agencies in the country.