Frequently Asked Questions


Q.Why did you start your own firm?

A. I truly enjoy working with Ken Lindner, and I am deeply appreciative of the trust and confidence he has shown me. I believe that Ken is the most effective "Career Choreographer" in the business.

However, many individuals do not have an agent - either by choice or circumstance, yet they still needed a qualified person in their corner to review their reel/resume, discuss and strategize career decisions and workplace issues, and provide general career counsel. My Agent-By-The-Hour consultations allow those individuals to utilize my eighteen years of experience, on an as-needed basis, without paying a commission.

In addition, I discovered that too many broadcasters without agents were relying on attorneys who did not specialize in broadcasting to negotiate and review their employment agreements. These attorneys frequently did not have the experience or knowledge necessary for effective representation. They also did not know what to look for to protect the clients. Even worse, some individuals were simply signing agreements, without legal review, only to find themselves later burdened by contractual terms that they had not understood.

I also wanted to branch out into other areas of entertainment and contribute to the exciting explosion of digital media content. Through my firm, I now provide clients with a wide variety of services, such as production and development, financing, rights acquisition, literary, and settlement of disputes.  I have a passion for  film and media that empowers, educates, and inspires the viewer.  

Q.What are your Personal Advisor/Crisis Management services?

A. I found that many of my clients' work-related issues were intertwined with quality-of-life concerns. Clients were frequently coming back to me for my constructive, empathetic guidance on personal matters, as well as professional. I truly enjoy working with clients to enhance all areas of their lives, so I decided to make it a part of my official services.

Through my consultation services, I work with clients to identify the personal and professional areas where their lives are not working, and then implement a plan of action to improve those areas.  In addition, many clients also struggle with the unique experience that comes from public celebrity and exposure. It can be problematic when private matters become, or threaten to become, public knowledge. During a crisis, I help clients stay on a successful, positive path, to ensure they are making decisions that allow them to constructively and effectively navigate through the storm.  

Q.I am a producer/production company, and/or executive. Can you help me?

Absolutely! I have worked on many agreements for some of the top, leading news and entertainment executives, producers, and companies, such as:

  • VP of Development, FOX News
  • Senior EP, Reality Programming, Telepictures
  • StoryTechImmersive
  • EP "Inside Edition"
  • SVP Programming, Starz Media
  • HowDee Productions, Inc.
  • PopFizz Productions
  • Supervising Producer "Morning Joe", MSNBC
  • West Coast Producer, "Inside Edition"
  • Senior Supervising Producer, NBC
  • Anaconda Street Productions
  • Senior Vice President of Creative Affairs, Trifecta Entertainment
  • West Coast Bureau Chief "Inside Edition"
  • President MBN, Inc.
  • Executive Producer, CNN
  • President, LOL Talent
  • Former President, Twentieth Television
  • Executive Producer, CNBC
  • Staff Executive Producer, MSNBC
  • Senior Broadcast Producer, Bloomberg
  • VP of Programming, CNN